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Bruce Hopkins is an award winning MC master of ceremonies who will script his duties to suit your needs. He was also a featured actor in Lord Of The Rings, does voice overs & hosts talk back radio
"Bruce Hopkins is an award winning MC master of ceremonies who will script his duties to suit your needs. He was also a featured actor in Lord Of The Rings, does voice overs & hosts talk back radio "
Bruce Hopkins Actor
Voice Work & Show Reels
Is that a gun in your pocket, or do you just want to contact me?
Corporate Events Guide 2010
People's Choice Winner
Best Supporting Actor, LA Movie Awards 2011

The induction function was an outstanding success, in so many ways a tribute to Bruce’s skilled MC’ing of the evening If you are planning an event where you are anxious to make a good impression, I strongly recommend Bruce Hopkins as your Master of Ceremonies “-

Dr Phil Handcock, Otago University

‘… The origins of the Master of Ceremonies may have developed from the time Emperor Constantine the Great gave the Lateran Palace to the popes (324) or from the time Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire (380) …’

"Gidday, my name is Bruce Hopkins, thanks for stopping by.
I am an award winning Master of Ceremonies, and have been acknowledged by many clients as one of the best in the business.
If you are looking to engage an MC for your event, find out for yourself whether or not those clients knew what they were talking about, let me help make your event a resounding success.
When I am asked to perform the role of Master Of Ceremonies at conferences, public events or private gatherings, I commit to contributing above and beyond the call of duty.
My featured role in Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings trilogy of films, as well as the many other television, film and stage credits I have to my name, add just the right amount of …
“you're that guy on television eh?”… quality to my role as your MC, without detracting from the job at hand.
Drawing on a wealth of life experience, ranging from commercial crayfishing through to blockbuster film making, I have developed an MCing style which is always professional, relaxed, on topic and with the right balance of humour.
When MCing I am hands on, bringing a great work ethic to ensure your event flows seamlessly and achieves your desired outcomes.
So why don’t you consider taking Dr Phil Hancock's recommendation above, I’d love to help you out."

Clients have their say;

Shane Compton
Founder APS, Advanced Professional Services
“while many factors contribute to our conferences’ success, Bruce’s efforts represent a significant part of a consistently positive outcome. His extensive stage and comedy experience means that he is able to inject a unique flavour to the event. While professional, Bruce has an ability to maintain a well balanced approach that delegates enjoy immensely….”

Barbara Burt
Aotearoa Professional Supervision Conference 2010
“The Conference Committee is totally satisfied with Bruce’s performance as MC in providing continuity with just the right touch of humour, and sensitivity in the circumstances”

Mike Mizrahi
Inside Out Productions
“He is a pleasure to work with, has a great sense of humour and a dedication to the project, which is nothing short of extraordinary.”

Jenni Spooner
Marketing Manager, J.A. Russell Ltd
“We held a large function of 700 people at Eden Park&hel4ip; We were very happy with Bruce's performance for that event…He responded well to our briefing about the event and came across as being well researched and understanding.”

Stuart Macklin
Managing Director - TIME convention
“Bruce Hopkins was one of the best MC’s we have ever had at the TIME convention, his room ran perfectly, he was on time, humorous, and well received by all who attended.”

Susanne Ritzenhoff
General Manager, Q Theatre
“Thanks to his presentation this event was a special and enjoyable celebration for everyone involved. I very much recommend Bruce as a MC and look forward to be able to engage him in the future.”

Bruce Hopkins has been a professional MC for more than 15 years and draws on a wealth of experiences including 30 years in the entertainment and media industries.

Born a 4th generation Stewart Islander, Bruce has a resume that includes;

commercial crayfishing off the northern most shores of NZ

8 years fulltime professional dancing in NZ and Australia with companies such as Limbs Dance Company and the Sydney Dance Company

hosting talkback radio shows on NewsTalkZB and RadioLIVE

acting the featured role of ‘Gamling’ in two of Peter Jackson's Lord Of The Rings trilogy of films

playing the coveted role of MacBeth on stage

representing NZ at the World TheatreSports tournament in Brisbane

Writing comedy for television

MCing the annual client conference for award winning software development company, Advanced Professional Solutions, for 15 years

Eden Park ground announcer for the inaugural season of Super 12 rugby

Has his class 2,4 HT licences and also his P endorsement enabling him to drive tour coaches.

Past Clients include;

Vodafone, Telecom, Goodman Fielder, Air NZ, Employers & Manufacturers Association, Auckland Otago and Massey Universities, NetGuide Magazine, The World Dairy Summit, NZ Golf, Advanced Professional Solutions, Wellington City, Q Theatre, Inside Out Productions.

"Alongside my career, I have always endeavored to spend time in voluntary work, working alongside the Auckland City Mission, and visiting elderly residents of rest homes. I am a committee member of the Auckland branch of the National Speakers Association of NZ ( NSANZ), a Board member of Actors Equity NZ and I was a founding trustee of Auckland’s renowned Watershed Theatre.

My interests include surfing, swimming, yoga, music, reading, playing incredibly average guitar (about the same skill level as my surfing), travel and spending as much time as I can with family."


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