These are from Bruce's camera and were done in a low file format. These are copyrighted and property of Bruce Hopkins. It is very much appriecated that they not be used on other web sites or linked in forums/message boards. Bruce told me he missed getting some of the names of those in the photos. If you are in one of the photos, please contact me at so I can add your name.

Bruce and Alex Funke, Oscar award winner for visual FX for LOTR TTT. Bruce and his ecort Ali at the TORN party along with Robin Pollack of TORN and another staff member. Bruce and Rebecca Kirkland at the 'Tracker' Party. Bruce along with some familar faces. Andy Serkis, Dom Monaghan, Bruce, Billy Boyd, and Craig Parker.
Bruce with members of Vis Sit Tecum MusicorumShawn, Jeffery, Kierstin, Bruce, and Rachel. Very beautiful cossies. Bruce hugging a fan at the TORN party. Bruce and Grant Major (production designer for LOTR) Dave Madigan (one of New Zealand's leading sound operators), Rebecca Kirkland and Matt Aitken (Of WETA).
Bruce and Mike Hammond on stage at the TORN party with Oscar. Bruce poses with fans Gina and Melonie(Lady Skywalker) who were in the music group Vis Sit Tecum Musicorum Quickbeam of TORN with Bruce and another fan.