Photos from Bruce's Personal Collection:
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Bruce's Summer Holiday Photos, Febuary 2006:
Bruce:"Whananaki, the summer holiday slice of paradise." Bruce:"How do you spell paradise again?!" Bruce:"Anyone for a spot of fishing?!" Bruce:"Believe it or not this is the middle of the city!"
Bruce:"Training paddles for surfing, downtown Auckland is just around the corner!" Bruce:"Des, of Des and Les, keeping an eye on the opposition." Bruce:"Auckland Harbour bridge while holding a glass of wine in one hand and a camera in the other." Bruce:"I had just rescued this bird after it had knocked itself unconscious, flying into a window. Big headache!!!"
Bruce:"Tree Beard's cousin, having a swim." Bruce:"Auditioning for 'Rohan the Holiday Destination'." Bruce:"Where was this beauty when we saved Middle Earth."

Bruce's Holiday Photos, December 2004:
Bruce:"This photo is what I look like after a days crayfishing, and that's what crayfish look like after a days crayfishing!" Bruce:"My two sons Tom and Joe with said crayfish. We got some biggies. That's my sisters german home stay student. She is real gutsy and got stuck into the work with us." Bruce:"Still coming down after the fishing trip!!!" Bruce:"My father impersonating one of my sons low ride."
Bruce:"A few birds and the view as we steam back to port and back to a hot shower and some of my mums christmas cake!!!" Bruce:"The view from my folks deck,, not a bad place to be, now where's the cake!!!"

Wellington Two Towers premiere:
Bruce standing outside the theatre the afternoon of the premiere as they prepared for the onslaught. Bruce with PJ, Elijah, Billy, Dom and others soaking up the atmosphere. Bruce's eldest son Tom at the premiere. Bruce with Barrie Osborne and his partner Carol on the red carpet.
Bruce Hopkins and Mikey Havoc, legendary NZ DJ (Rocky Horror Show). The emcee of the red carpet speeches. Bruce holding one of two model planes after the unveiling of the Air New Zealand Middle Earth Fleet earlier that day. Bruce with the model plane and Sala, one of the lead Urukai and stuntmen on the trilogy. Bruce with Nat Lees (Matrix 2 and 3), Corrin (sound on LOTR), and Ritchie (SFX on LOTR trilogy).
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