From Bruce:"Here is a shot of 3 amigos. We were doing some installation performance for the launch of Auckland's latest theatre venture called, Q Theatre. On the left is David Aston (acted in 'The Matrix'), Mark Clare and the 3rd amigo." From Bruce:" One of my favorite NZ actors "Dame Sister Madeleine Sami" a brilliantly talented actor, with my installation piece, where I was lecturing and demonstrating the fine art of signing autographs at LOTR conventions!!!" From Bruce:"Farmer Baggins, sneaking a look at crowd waiting for the prime minister to arrive." From Bruce:"An artist contemplating the contemplation of art!!!"

The Lord of The Rings related event photos:

Bruce standing outside the theatre the afternoon of the premiere as they prepared for the onslaught. Bruce with PJ, Elijah, Billy, Dom and others soaking up the atmosphere. Bruce's eldest son Tom at the premiere. Bruce with Barrie Osborne and his partner Carol on the red carpet.
Bruce Hopkins and Mikey Havoc, legendary NZ DJ (Rocky Horror Show). The emcee of the red carpet speeches. Bruce holding one of two model planes after the unveiling of the Air New Zealand Middle Earth Fleet earlier that day. Bruce with the model plane and Sala, one of the lead Urukai and stuntmen on the trilogy. Bruce with Nat Lees (Matrix 2 and 3), Corrin (sound on LOTR), and Ritchie (SFX on LOTR trilogy).
Bruce Hopkins and Karl Urban holding model planes at the unveiling of the Air New Zealand Middle Earth Fleet. Photo from scoop.co.nz Bruce Hopkins and Karl Urban with the model planes and the guide to LOTR locations in NZ with Ed Sims, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Air New Zealand. Photo from scoop.co.nz. Bruce Hopkins and Karl Urban playing with the models. Photo from scoop.co.nz. Bruce Hopkins and Karl Urban meet the press. Photo from scoop.co.nz.
Bruce at a Games Workshop in Los Angeles, painting a figure of Gamling. Also painting one is Beki Anderson. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kirkland. Bruce playing the role game at the LA Games Workshop store where they arranged a painting session for him. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kirkland. Rebecca Kirkland sneaks a peak ;). I can hear Widow Twanky now..."You naughty, naughty girl...you ought to be a shamed of yourself. Invading that poor creature's privacy like that. Besides...I already looked...{heavy disappointed sigh}...nothing there." Photo courtesy of Rebecca Kirkland. A drawing of Gamling by Criz. You can see more of her drawings at Criz-Zone . Drawing used by permission.

Miscellaneous Photos

Bruce Hopkins with Ian Brodie: ' "A Great Week" Back at work after a week of Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers activities. Great film - wonderful to go to the premiere in Wellington. Met up with Bruce Hopkins whilst in Auckland. Bruce is a great guy - watch out for him in the film as Gamling the Old. Have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Ian, Annie, Barbara and Jill.' Bruce and the Web Master, Jmsstyxnyes, after a get together at a friend's house in Auckland. Photo courtesy of Janet(jmsstyxnyes). Showing another talent from Bruce, photographer. He took this photo of the American/worldwide friends of Michael Hurst at the TAPAC opening ceremony. Pictured (l-r) Janet (jmsstyxnyes), Ellen A, Sue, Jennifer(Michael's wife), Michael Hurst, Beth, Ellen R., (seated) Kathleen. TAPAC is a performing arts center in Western Springs near Auckland. Bruce, Michael and Jennifer are patrons. Photo by Bruce Hopkins, property of Jmsstyxnyes. Bruce talks with Miriama Smith(Dana on Mercy Peak) at the Silo.
Bruce sitting at the table during a debate he took part in in 2002. From the Western Springs College Parents' Action Group (PAG) page. The caption reads: 'Courtenay Meredith holding court in the 2002 Celebrity Debate. Behind her, Morgana O'Reilly and Paul Prestidge (student team), MCs Chris Knox and Fiona MacDonald, and the invited celebrities Michael Hurst and Bruce Hopkins (Pam Corkery obscured). The moot was that TV is the Better Teacher, the celebs were against it ... and the students won'

For more photos of the Air New Zealand Frodo airline, visit Scoop Images: Flying Frodo Air

Behind the Scenes Photos

Bruce on the set of Hercules the Legendary Journeys
with Michael Hurst (seated with mud) for the episode
Cast a Giant Shadow.
Bruce (right) with two other actors on the set of Xena: Ten Little Warlords. Bruce dressed up as Hercules (Kevin Sorbo's) double, standing next to a standee of Kevin Sorbo. Bruce with Kevin Smith in costume on the set of Xena: Ten Little Warlords.
Bruce on the set of Young Hercules.