Bruce took part in this play that was a part of the NZ International Arts Festival 06 held in Wellington, Nz.

There are photos from the play at Robert Catto's photo page.


Bruce played Squire Smelly and the Giant in this panto featuring Michael Hurst as the Widow Twankey. All photos property of Bruce Hopkins.
New Zealand Herald Review.

Squire Smelly the Landlord. Squire Smelly gets ready in the dressing room. Bruce:"Excuse me do you have permission to take photos?, one of the first days was all down hill from here!" Bruce:"Those who climbed the beanstalk!!!" The cast backstage:(back) Anna Hewlett (Jack), Morgan Reese-Fairhead (Jill), Irene Malone (The Flatulon Leader), Bruce Hopkins (Squire Smelly), (front) Jonathon Brugh (Lesley the Alien/Adam the Ant), Grant Bridger (P.C. Poultice/Daisy the Cow).
Bruce:"This is Musical Director Yehudi Smith, Bruce, aka Squire Smelly, and Boudicca Sidebottom." Yehudi, Bruce and the lovely Widow Twankey (better known as Michael Hurst). Music in the balcony. On stage, the actors rehearse.
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Bruce played Bob Cratchit, Mr. Fezziwig and a 'young farmer' in this musical comedy directed by Jennifer Ward-Lealand for the Auckland Theatre Company. This production ran from November 11 to December 12, 2004 at the Skycity Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand.

These photos are courtesy of Andrew Malmo ( and are not to be used on other web sites or fan boards. All photos property of Bruce Hopkins and Andrew Malmo.
Bruce:"Paul Barrett, as Dickens, the narrator, above the stage." Bruce:"Mark Hadlow as Scrooge and my wife, Mrs. Cratchit and Deidre at the start of the play. You can see the stage set up here, plus the 3 piece band led by the amazing Grant Winterburn, up above the stage." Bruce:"Bob Crachit about to punch out Mr. Scrooge (no,just jokes!, Bob would not hurt a fly)." Bruce:"It's a real smile...honest!Kate-Louise, 'smiley pants', Jackie Clarke and Eddie Giffney."
Bruce:"A great shot of Scrooge, Mark Hadlow is superb in the role, a portrait of Marley hangs behind him." Bruce:"Cameron Rhodes as the ghost of Marley (not Bob Marley, but Jacob Marley)." Bruce:"Cameron Rhodes as Marley ghost again. Cameron actually does 4 shows as Scrooge, while Mark is away shooting scenes for King Kong." Bruce:"Paul Barrett as Dickens at the start of the play."
Bruce:"My 3rd. character in the play, a kiwi farmer, Eric Olsen, gets a pash with Flossy Johansen (Kate-Louise)." Bruce:"'Smiley pants' as Mr. Fezziewig, and if you look at the dashing gent sitting on the table, it's Farmer Maggot (Cameron Rhodes)!" Bruce:"This is what it looks like when you sing 'We Three kings'!!!" Bruce:"The wonderful Hori Ahipene as the Samoan cleaning lady, Mrs. Vaiasala, ghost of christmas present."
Bruce:"You ever feel like someones watching you have dinner?" Bruce:"Cratchits have dinner. Eddie, Morgan Fairchild, Jackie and Jonny Hair." Bruce:"Looks like Peter Crachit needs to go!" Bruce:"Photo is Bob Crachit on Christmas day, doing his magic trick."
Bruce:"A typical night at the Cratchit's house!" Bruce:"The Cratchits are not so happy now!!!, Tiny Tim has taken ill." Bruce:"Hori Ahipene as the ghost of Christmas to come, has Scrooge eating out his hands!" Bruce:"Scrooge comes for Christmas, I'm just hanging out for the presents!"
Bruce:"End of the play and only the curtain call to go, plus the encore!!!" Bruce:"The curtain call, all folks!" The cast on stage. Photo courtesy of Andrew Malmo(visit his site to view more great photos from A Christmas Carol. Photo property of Andrew Malmo(

Bruce's Photos:

Cameron Rhodes and Bruce from the night of Cameron's first performance as Mr. Scrooge. He played the role 4 times for Mark Hadlow (the first Mr. Scrooge) while he had to have 4 nights off while he was shooting a role for King Kong. Bruce:"Mr Rhodes apres his 'opening night'". Bruce:"Jennifer Ward-Lealand, director of Christmas Carol trying to take my role." Tribe member Beth and Bruce at opening night for Christmas Carol.
Bruce:" My Ma & Pa with cast members Jackie Clarke, Morgan Reese Fairhead and music director Grant Winterburn." Bruce:" The clan with another cast member Hori Ahipene." Bruce:"Out caroling in a park." Bruce:"Yes but is he in tune?"


Bruce played the lead role of Macbeth which ran August 9 to Sept. 6, 2003 at the Silo Theatre in Auckland, New Zealand. The play was directed by Margaret Mary Hollins.

Rehearsal photos property of Bruce Hopkins.




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