From Bruce:

I find myself a little shell shocked as I write this. I have just returned from 5 days in Wellington, culminating in walking the carpet and attending the world premier of Return of The King, in which my character Gamling continues to ride with his King.

It was only a few hours ago that I was on the tarmac at Wellington airport with Ian, Elijah, Billy, Dom, Orlando, Liv, Andy, Sean, Viggo, my Mum, and the rest of the team who were flying to LA on the Air New Zealand plane adorned with the beautiful images of Arwen & Aragorn. They were commencing the world junket, premiering this masterpiece in a number of countries over the next couple of weeks.

As I turned to some of them for a goodbye hug, they were surprised, asking was I not coming with them? Probably 99% of my being wished I was, the other 1% was accepting of the fact that I was not. But to be out on the tarmac saying goodbye, watching as thousands of fans waved from within the airport building was the next best thing.

The fact that these dudes broke away from the expected pathway and made their way around the outside of the airport, waving back to the gathered fans and friends, much like a sports team does a victory lap after a great game, was testament to the genuine and mutual respect that is held by fans and actors alike. The spirit that pervades Peter Jackson's slice of movie history is so joyously palpable, that the few who witness or experience it will never forget it.

I will post a summary of my experiences on another page within the web site, so feel free to have look.

To all who were part of making these films a reality, many many thanks for your part in what was, for me, a most wonderful wonderful time.
Ciao for now.
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Bruce:"Joyous, but sad. DON'T GO!!!"(Pictured: l-r, Dom, Elijah(partially hidden), Billy, Orlando, Liv, Viggo, Sean holding his daughter, Andy, and Bruce. In the back of Viggo is the white had of Ian.) Bruce:"This was at Wellington Airport as I was on the tarmac with the others saying good-bye to them. They were saying good-bye to thousands of fans who were inside the terminal waving to them."(Pictured: l-r, Ian, Liv, Viggo, Sean and daughter, Andy, and Bruce.) Bruce:"Some people I met."(Pictured: l-r, Ian, Orlando, Viggo, Bruce, and Liv.) Bruce:"Saying good-bye I guess."(Pictured: Andy Serkis and Bruce.)
Bruce:"Countdown."(Pictured: bottom of stairs up; Ian, Orlando, Sean's daughter, Elijah, Dom, Andy, Viggo, and Liv.) Bruce:"Ian Brodie, author of LOTR Location Guidebook, with Clair McKay and Ed Sims from Air New Zealand." Bruce:"Outside the hotel the day before the premiere. Fans waiting for the stars to come out of the press conferences." Bruce:"Those crazy Oneringers at the Onering party. In this shot I got them to all yell out 'Rohan'."
Bruce:"Looking back at the airport in Wellington from the tarmac." Bruce:"A mate shot this on the carpet." Bruce:"Breakfast with Air New Zealand and Claudia (?) who won the prize draw that I took part in at Ring*Con, with Air New Zealand. They won 2 tickets to the premiere, return air tickets, and 5 nights in the hotel where the press conference took place. They were happy campers." Bruce:"Ed Sims from Air New Zealand with the winners."
Bruce:"My date for the big day/night, me Mum. I'm wearing cloths by World." Bruce:"Stephen Ure and I with Scott. Stephan plays a lead Orc in each film including one in ROTK...(spoiler)" Bruce:"Stephen Ure and Shirley." On the tarmac at the Wellington Airport. Photo property of Bruce Hopkins.
Bruce on the Red Carpet. His suit was coutesy of "World" a NZ label. Photo by Anita Maitland. Photo property of Bruce Hopkins. Orlando Bloom at the Wellington Premier. Photo by Anita Maitland. Photo property of Bruce Hopkins. The cast outside the Air New Zealand plane waving to their fans in the terminal. Photo property of Bruce Hopkins. Fan Elengil with a nosering. Photo property of Bruce Hopkins.
"Like their horses, the men of Rohan, Karl Urban and Bruce are proud of their teeth." Nicole Renata from Roadshow Films with Karl Urban and Bruce.