• Jennifer Ward-Lealand sent along two photos of a new show she and Bruce are making now. They're behind-the-scenes photos from an episode of The Jacqui Brown Diaries that is slated to air sometime in the fall(NZ spring). This is a New Zealand TV3 project. Exact dates will be posted as they are known.

  • Bruce passes along this info:"I am in Toa Fraser's new film "My Talks with Dean Spanely" starring Sam Neill and Peter O'Toole, which apparently got a huge reception at the Toronto Festival. I also just shot a scene in Jonathon King's film "Under the Mountain".

  • Bruce wrote:"The last film I did was a low ( very low!!! ) budget thriller on the gold coast of Australia called
    The film features a reknowned US wrestler Scott Levy "Raven". I got asked to do it by one of the producers who is a friend of my australian nephew Jed Cahill, who by the way is achieving incredible results with both his short film festival and film making education programme that he takes on the road across australia, out to outback areas etc. He has driven the whole thing himself and is in fact at a pivotal point for his future direction as money is also something he has to address. Despite having Jack Thompson as his patron and receivng massive accolades for all he is doing he finds paying the bills a challenge. This is a bit of an aside but check out his set up on

  • 'Hired Guns' is a HD digital feature that is in the works. Visit their website at Hiredguns.vec for more information. Bruce is slated to portray the character of Ace High Caulder. Others are in talks for the other roles.

  • Bruce just did the movie You Move You Die.From Bruce: "I got called in at the last minute when the film maker, Ketzal Sterling, decided he wanted to change the ending. He wrote the scenes in that I play and it ended up being a great experience which by all accounts has worked a treat." You can also find out more about the movie at the IMDB page for You Move You Die.

  • Bruce worked on some YouTube video with Anthony Hurst who has a company called The Radio Agency. The spots were for the Bike Barn. You can check them out h ere,

  • Bruce worked with Andy Serkis on a new Play Station 3 game, release date to be announced.
    Heavenly Sword.
    Bruce sends along this photo of the crew:

    "Members of the Heavenly Sword fraternity training, using empty bottles in which to conceal said swords!!! From left, Ewan "the boss", Tameem "the real boss", Chris "an Aussie in London" , sober driver, a guy from England and the beaming Stewart." Otherwise known as: Ewan, Tameem, Chris, Bruce, Andy and Stuart.