Bruce's Applogy To Peter Jackson for two statements made in an article:

'The recent stand off between many in the acting fraternity of NZ and the local producers association SPADA, through a series of events became focused on the production of The Hobbit. During the course of responding to a number of media enquiries I made a couple of statements, for which I would like to apologise.

In the Sunday Star Times I am quoted as saying I had huge respect for Peter Jackson but believed he had reacted badly by threatening to take the production to Europe. I also stated that I thought Peter was taking the dispute too personally.

Having seen the article in print I realize that these comments are completely unnecessary and irrelevant. In fact comments such as these contribute nothing to the debate and would justify anyone taking such a dispute personally.

One of the values I try to live my life by is that of transparency in all I do, and so to that end I wish to apologise to Peter for making statements that were speculative and unnecessarily personal. My respect for Peter and his team of film makers will always be of the highest order, whether or not we may agree or disagree on various issues surrounding the industry.'
Lord of the Rings Official Site
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There is a new article on Bruce at the New Zealand Herald:
Harbour Crossing: Rings star is keeping up with mum
Gidday and welcome,
This web site is a combo burger, it has information regarding me in relation to my working and personal lives.

My name is Bruce Hopkins, ... in fact, truth be known, it's Raymond Bruce Hopkins.
Upon naming me thus, my parents, Bill and Coe, proceeded to address me as, not Raymond, but Bruce...
were they just screwing with my mind?

Whatever your reason for dropping in, I trust there will be information relevant to your quest.

Should you be interested in engaging my services as a Master of Ceremonies... here's a sample of the feedback I receive;
"while many factors contribute to our conferences' success, Bruce's efforts represent a significant part of a consistently positive outcome. His extensive stage and comedy experience means that he is able to inject a unique flavour to the event. While professional, Bruce has an ability to maintain a well balanced approach that delegates enjoy immensely..."
Shane Compton, Founder Advanced Professional Services.

If you want to check out my acting credentials, here's a sample from a small gig I was part of called Lord Of The Rings...
"Thanks for stepping into the breach and helping us create a character we didn't even know we needed! ..."
Peter Jackson & Fran Walsh

Should you be interested in my work as a Voice Artist, then have a listen to my reel here...

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If you are interested in working with me as a Creative Collaborator in any of the various disciplines in which I work, I trust there will be enough relevant information within this site to give you an idea of my experience, talents and abilities, helping guide your decision making process.

I post blogs as well as photos and links to a variety of videos on my page at the RadioLIVE site. My show is in a time slot that, over the years, has been referred to as 'the graveyard', 1am-6am on a Sunday morning NZ time. I have decided I want to grow an international audience for this show. Throughout the northern hemisphere it is Saturday afternoon when I am on, so I have a number of folks in Europe, UK, USA, who listen online and communicate with me in the studio through Facebook.
If you feel like listening to some true blue Kiwis (New Zealanders) who are either insomniacs, party goers still coming down off their drugs, or just happened to have woken up and phoned the show, stream it online at RadioLIVE.

Due to the interest in my background as an actor/performer, generated by my role as 'Gamling' in Peter Jackson's astounding Lord Of The Rings trilogy of films, based on JRR Tolkien's books, there is an abundance of material on the site that relates to that aspect of my life. You can also check out my Acting Reel here.

I will endeavour to keep in touch by updating this site so feel free to pop in from time to time to see what's new. With the aid of the wonderful webmaster Janet Sella we will update items relating to both my work and the personal projects I have going on in my life.

Cheers, thanks for dropping by, feel free to browse around and forward the site to others who you feel may be interested.

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