View the trailer for Taika Waititis new film Boy which was shown at Sundance. Note from Bruce:" The film played in competition at Sundance this year. I am a huge fan of Taikas, and he was one of the directors on the Flight of The Conchord series. His short film 2 cars 1 night, was an academy award finalist for short film a few years ago."

Brother Number One sample from annie goldson on Vimeo.

Note from Bruce:"This one is a trailer for a doco being made by award winning doco maker Annie Goldson and follows the journey of Rob hamill as he seeks justice for his brothers execution by the Khmer Rouge during Pol Pots barbaric regime in Cambodia. Rob Hamill is a kiwi who broke the record for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. During his arduous journey he made the decision to seek justice for his brother Kerry who had been sailing around the world. While off the coast of Cambodia, Kerry and his 2 crewmates were seized, interrogated tortured forced to sign 'confessions' and executed. The doco titled "Brother Number One", follows Rob as he pursues his mission, travelling to Cambodia to attend the trial of his brother's torturer, Comrade Duch. I met Rod and Annie before they travelled to Cambodia in 2009.